Partial Dentures

Centric Dental Lab excels at supporting clinicians to make Removable Prosthetics a profitable part of your practice.

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We support you with chair-side assistance and customized study club programs to develop proficiency from basic to advanced skill levels.

Our Restorations

Centric's Acyrlic Partial Denture is an affordable option for price sensitive patients.

Manufactured with traditional flasking and processing technique..


  • The acrylic base can be augmented with metal clasps for added retention.
  • Designed with high quality acrylic.
  • Shade matched to your existing teeth.

Centric's Cast Partial is suited for patients wanting a great fit, strength and minimal bulkiness.

Our partial designs focus on simplicity, function and aesthetics.

A Selection of Frames Available

  • Vitallium
  • Vitallium 2000
  • Vitallium 2000+
  • Nobilium
  • Argen
  • BP
  • Gold

Flexible dentures are suited to a variety of natural conditions in the mouth.

For patients needing a more comfortable flexible partial with built in stress breaker in order to provide superior function and stress distribution.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Flexibility balances masticatory forces
  • Less frequent relines & repairs