Centric Dental Lab excels at supporting clinicians to make Removable Prosthetics a profitable part of your practice.

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We support you with chair-side assistance and customized study club programs to develop proficiency from basic to advanced skill levels.

Our Dentures

Centric's Premium Denture is suited for patients looking for a high quality denture with outstanding fit and comfort, detailed characterization and lifelike teeth.

Manufactured with the SR Ivocap process.


  • Reduced material shrinkage, no process related increase in vertical dimension, a high degree of homogeneity & a reduced risk of fracture.
  • Fewer adjustments for the clinician and exceptional fit and an easier to clean denture for your patient.
  • High quality denture teeth to designed the anatomical and aesthetic results best suited for your patient.
  • Custom tooth orders to support your treatment plan objectives.

Centric's Economy Denture is suited for patients wanting a great looking and fitting denture at an affordable price.

Manufactured with traditional flasking and processing technique.

We take great care and attention to proper mounting, set up and processing to ensure a well fitting - and with the proper maintenance - a long lasting denture.


  • Upgrade available for more aesthetic teeth
  • Affordable

Using the Pala Digital Denture system we can digitally design and 3D print extremely accurate and better fitting dentures.

Ask us how working with Centric and Pala Digital Dentures can be profitable for your practice.